Urban Beauty & Barber Institute

Who Are We?

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About UBBI

Urban Beauty & Barber Institute is located at 3250 Coleman Road, Memphis TN 38128. UBBI is centrally located and convenient for shopping and business. We’re¬†well-served by city bus routes.

Our brand new facility features modern stations where students work on their patrons under the direct supervision of an instructor. The spacious educational facilities are furnished with the latest beauty equipment, classrooms, student lounge, and a practical area.

Our school managers guarantee that every effort will be made to maintain a refreshing atmosphere conducive to your success as a future professional!

What We Strive For

  • To develop knowledge, understanding, skill, and appreciation in the theory and operation of barbering, cosmetology arts & sciences and natural hair services.
  • To develop habits of good workmanship and the orderly performance of various tasks in the beauty and barber business environment.
  • Protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public and the workforce.
  • To learn to wisely select, care for, and properly use commercial products that are related to the application of treatments.
  • To promote mutual esteem, goodwill, harmony and cooperation with professional and related organizations.
  • To help the student prepare for the state board examinations in order to obtain a license to practice.
  • To prepare students for entry-level jobs in their desired workforce.